Email VPS log files every day

Handwritten on 06 May 2019

There are many ways to monitor log files. One that I actually use is tail -f /var/log/app/application.log. This is pretty handy, but you need to be behind your laptop all the time. Or what if you want to start your day by reviewing only real errors? I needed this, I wanted to start my day with a coffee and a few lines of logs to review.

log terminal

Call via the terminal with Cisco IP Phone

Handwritten on 26 Apr 2019

If you own a Cisco IP Phone you can make phone calls via the terminal. You can also write a small app to dial phone numbers without touching your Cisco phone. In this post I will show you how I make phone calls via the terminal with my Cisco IP Phone SPA504G.

cisco terminal

Convert image extension in Terminal

Handwritten on 10 Nov 2017

Do you have images in a folder that you actually want to convert to another image extension? Let's say you want to convert all images from PNG to JPG. If you are using OSX you can start mass converting images in your terminal.



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