Setting up Nginx for static content

Handwritten on 14 Oct 2015

Setting up Nginx for static content

In my last blog post you can read how to set up Nginx as a frontend server for a sample Play app. But what about
making Nginx listen to a custom folder? To serve some static files for example, outside of the Play folder?

Let's give it a try. In my situation, I need a custom folder for my static stuff, the location would be:


So I need to make Nginx listen to all the static requests leading to a static file in my uploads folder.

Let's spin up the text editor and load the Nginx configuration file:

open -a Atom /usr/local/etc/nginx/nginx.conf

And the only thing we need to add is the following:

location /uploads {
  alias /Users/acorovic/Sites/uploads;

Huhh?! I was expecting to see something like:

root: /Users/acorovic/Sites/uploads;

Well, me too, to be honest. But after reading some Stackoverflow questions,
I found out that we need to use alias instead of the root directive. After restarting Nginx you can serve static content from your custom folder.

nginx webserver proxy static


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