What the Kirby?

October 4th, 2015

This weekend I accidentally stumbled upon a flat file based cms called Kirby. So I went out for a test ride: it was dead simple to set up and get rolling. Yeah! In the last 2 years I had no time to work on my own blog, so I thought lets use Kirby for this. Please let me take you in my weekend journey.

After trying out Kirby and reading their clear documentation, I spent a few minutes trying to find a simple blog theme. To be honest I was looking for something like the Casper theme for Ghost. Pff.. I did not find it, so the little developer in me said: build it yourself. No, I have no time..

Hmm, since I was able to start within literally 2 minutes, I thought, how hard can it be? Well, not hard and not much time, thanks the one of the core developers of Kirby: Sasha Lack. Thanks @sashtown.

After pulling his github repo, I started recoding it to match the beautiful Casper theme. This was a really enjoyable smartpasting one hour. The result is: Kasper kit.

Want to give it a try, or found some bugs? Let me know!